Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abby's Update

It was Abby's birthday a few weeks ago.  Yep, I'm such a good mother that I'm that slow in posting pictures.

First of all, at the Come-see-what-we've-been-doing night at school, Abby got to dress up like the person she did a biography book report on.  Her person was Sacajawea. 

Doesn't she make a pretty little Sacajawea?

The day before Abby's birthday we headed to Ajo to visit my parents.  They had a ward talent show with a performance of their road show they did for their stake.  (It just occurred to me that there is a lot of LDS culturalism in that sentence.  So, translation for any non-Mormons reading this: the Mormons in their community had a talent show and they also performed a skit they wrote and performed for other people in their region.) 

The road show was cute and we stayed around to help clean up a bit.  It was kind of fun to be in a ward that could set up tables in one of the overflow rooms and have that be a sufficient area to hold people. 

Abby posed with the clothes she got from her Poppy (Josh's dad) for her birthday.

We stayed the night and the next morning we let her open her present in the morning.  She was happy.

We went swimming in the pool.  I have no pictures of that.  I know, major disappointment that you can't see me in my swimming suit.  I guess you'll just have to dream.

Abby wanted a Rapunzel ice cream cake.  I originally went to Baskin Robbins to order one.  It was going to cost over $50.  After I left the store laughing at the absurdity of the price, I went and bought ingredients to make it myself.  It wasn't too bad.  And it cost WAY less than $50.  Even with the Rapunzel doll I bought as the cake topper.  It definitely isn't the prettiest or most creative cake I've made, but it did taste good.

For about six weeks the girls' ages were 10 and 8.  It's kind of weird to have it sound like they are 2 years apart, since they are only 13 months apart.  But now they are 10 and 9 and the world is right yet again.


Lori said...

Happy Birthday to Abby! :) That's cool that you got to see mom and dads road show. I love how you made the ice cream cake.

The Wise Family said...

My girls are only 14 months apart... I keep finding things out about you and think "No wonder we get along!!" :)
Happy Birthday Abby!!
P.S. Send your girls over here to play with my girls!! :)