Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Concert

The girls had their holiday concert the other night.  I tried to upload the videos I took so anyone not on facebook could see them, but Blogger is not working right.  So if you want to see them, and we are friends on facebook, check them out.  If we are not friends on facebook but you still want to see the videos, I'll upload them as soon as I can.

Emma and her band.  There are a total of seven members.  One flute, one sax, one trumpet, one percussionist, and three clarinets.

The band played very well, especially for being several brand new members.  They played mostly Christmas songs and it was very fun to watch.  Emma did great and we are very proud of her!

Abby is in the choir, which is much bigger than the band.  Where the band was available only for the fourth and fifth graders, the choir was open to kindergartners through fifth graders.

The choir was very good.  One of the final songs featured a few soloists, including Abby.  She did so well!  It nearly made me cry with pride.  Literally. 

It was a great night!

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