Saturday, January 21, 2012

If My Life Had an MP3 Player

I've been playing around with Emma's mp3 player she got for Christmas.  She wanted a bunch of different songs uploaded on it.  It's gotten me thinking about the music in my life.

If I were to set my day to music it would go something like this:

Yesterday I woke up in a quirky and somewhat weird mood.

(Until I found this video online I had no idea what all the lyrics of this song were.  But it's the music that matters.  [Btw, the dude in this reminds me of my brother when he and I were in Dead Man together and he played the murderer -- weird].)  This song accompanied me as I got the kids ready for school and off to the bus.

As the events began to unfold for the day, things changed a bit.  You see, I'm currently homeschooling Abby (yep, heading down that adventurous road again) and she's still learning that there's a bit of independence in home school, just not as much as she wants.  So my playlist shuffled and we got this gem:

And as the day continued, more kids came home.  And suddenly the house was full of kids that didn't want to do homework or chores.  They wanted to watch TV or play outside or do nothing at all.

I've never done drugs of any kind, but I can't help but think that four children who are all crying, whining, complaining, yelling, and fighting bring about the same chaos into your mind that the acid which inspired most 1960s music must have.

Hence, my next music choice.

Yeah, this one is nearly 18 minutes long.  Of course, it takes a lot less than 18 minutes for the house to go from quiet to uncontrolled upheaval.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted.  I just wanted peace and quiet.  So after the kids cleaned up their messes from the day, they finally fell asleep and I did too so I plugged in my inner-mp3 player and let it charge for the night.

I haven't yet decided what today's music was.  But I'm pretty sure I know how tomorrow's music will begin.

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