Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Nesting Beast

Tonight I was trying to think of what I might possibly blog about.  Because Goodness knows if I don't make an effort to get on here regularly, I just may go MIA again.

So the obvious choice was to upload some pictures from off my camera.

But I couldn't find my camera.

This awoke the beast.

As much as I like to blame my hormones for my extremely short temper fuse, this was a different sort of hormonal beast.

The Nesting Beast.

I searched the usual hiding spots for the camera, but to no avail.  Then I checked the not-as-usual hiding spots. Culprit number one: the van.

Oh, the dang van.

The dang van hasn't been cleaned out since we came back from our vacation to Colorado.  Yeah, it's that gross.  So I spent several infuriating minutes looking under the seats, in left-behind backpacks, and under countless pieces of paper (not to mention all the other crap I'm too embarrassed to mention).  The whole time the Nesting Beast began rearing her ugly head.

It was like an out of body experience.  I could see the Nesting Beast ripping out of my already-full maternity clothes, my skin turning green, and my intelligence diminishing so I could only grunt in single syllables: "Beast clean!"

The Nesting Beast really isn't such a bad thing all the time.  But it sure would be nice if she could make an appearance when I'm not twice my usual size.  In looking under the dang van seats I nearly got stuck like a freaking turtle flipped over on the topside of his shell.  Now, how am I supposed to clean when I'm severely limited in what I can do?

And when the Nesting Beast realizes she won't get to do all the things she wants to, she'll become even more  enraged.  And then she'll begin smashing stuff and flipping cars and grunting things that don't even qualify as syllables.

Should make for an interesting day tomorrow.

And in case you were wondering, I found 3 flashlights on my quest of looking for the camera.  And yes, I used them CSI-style and wandered around my half-lit house using them to look for my camera.

And I found it.

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