Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Fessin' and Stuff

'Fess Up Friday

I exercised. I tried to eat right. I had a few days that I didn't. I lost a pound or two. I wish I could drop lots of weight immediately. It won't happen, so I'll just keeping pouting about that and keep trying. *Pout*


Last night we went to the Zoolights at the Phoenix Zoo. It was really cool. No exhibits were open, it was really dark, there were lots of people and we had to wait in some really long lines. But, it was still kind of cool to be there and it was even cooler later in the evening when most of the people were gone. It was almost like we had the whole park to ourselves. I liked that part the best.

Doctor's Office

Matt got his cast off his arm Friday morning. Everything is healing well, he just needs to rebuild the strength in his wrist. But his doctor's office is one of the worst I've ever been to. It's got a very crowded waiting room (with or without people) and wait we do. For a long time. Now, my question is, why is it that we are expected to be on time or even early for an appointment and we sit ignored for 40 minutes, but if we were to have shown up 40 minutes late and bypassed the waiting period we would've been denied our appointment? And I swear, if some medical person tells me some practical reason why this is, I promise you that I will go sockless and literally run around in my shoes all day long and then come to your medical office, take off my shoes, and rub my smelly, sweaty feet on your carpet.

I may need to go to bed.


Lori said...

Apparently you don't like your Dr's office. Is your Dr. at least nice? Glad he got his cast off. Bet he feels much better.

(By the way, I think you should do the smelly feet thing! I'll even pay you a dollar!! $$$)

Jeri Dawn said...

One day I decided to get revenge on my Dr.'s office...I had a sick kid appointment and when I got there I told them to jut pull all the charts to he could check all the kids. The receptionist (miss snotty pants) gave me the third degree about how far behind that puts them and it would have been considerate of me to call. I said, "Sorry." Period. She went on and on and I just kept saying, "sooorrryyy." Inside I was laughing.