Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh No She Didn't

Today I offer a new and prestigious award. I call it the "U Suck" Award.

This award goes to the Bus Stop Mom. I've mentioned her before. She thinks my kids' names are far too common and I'm mean to send Matt to school when he cries. Maybe I am, but today she just took the cake.

Her son came running to the bus stop all sorts of excited that brothers and sisters could come to school today. I told him that I hadn't heard that. His mom asked if we were going to the feast today. I had no clue what she was talking about. Then she mentioned soup and it hit me.

Last Monday (over a week ago) a note was sent home saying the class was making a soup the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I saw that Matt was one of a few kids assigned to bring a can of potatoes or something (I did not see that families were invited). But, it wasn't grocery day yet and it I had over a week to get it in. Then life continued, the note got shuffled away somewhere and I forgot all about it.

So I realized that I had forgotten and I was feeling pretty bad about it and I wondered out loud if I would have a chance to bring the forgotten can to the school to add to the soup. Bus Stop Mom told me that we had to RSVP beforehand and they probably wouldn't have enough food for me. She began the winning descent to her award.

Finally the bus came and our sons got on the bus. I told Matt to have a good day and I love him and stood there for a second as I watched him settle into the bus. Bus Stop Mom started to say something to me, paused, and then smiled as broadly as she possibly could. She said, "You've made me feel very good about myself. At least I've got myself enough together to not forget about the feast." I stared at her. She continued saying that she's been feeling like her brain's not working right, but she's "not as bad" as me.

I think what upset me the most was feeling the need to explain myself to this woman. I even tried to a little, but she was so busy basking in the glow of her sudden happiness that she didn't acknowledge me.

So, with no further ado.....Bus Stop Mom, you have officially won the "U Suck" Award. I hope your inflated pride is large enough to hold your trophy for you.


Kayleen said...

I just love people like that!! So glad that you gave her the award that she so richly deserved! My grandma always told me, just smile and nod. I don't think that it would have hurt in that situation! Some people's children!! :) Have a better day tomorrow!!

Mrs. Bennett said...

That is just so weird and mean. Does she know you at all other then the bus stop encounters? How ignorant, she bugs.

Lori said...

Holy Crap!!! What a jerk! I think she good and plenty deserves this award. Probably over and over again! I'm glad you didn't explain yourself to her. She doesn't deserve to know you. She stinks a big one. (Do you like my trash talk?) I hope you have a much better day after this. I love you!

Lucky Larson's said...

wow! She has some issues!! Did you tell her to audtion for Desperate housewives because they are always looking for the newest B!t*h to cast? Seriously lady--get a life! Don't rag on Shelly who is ONE of the COOLEST moms and people I know!

Lucky Larson's said...

PS: I am going to steal the U Suck award and award it to people I know that also deserve it--thanks for the idea!