Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Kid-isms

According to Matt, if you have white icicles on your house and not the cool blue LEDs that we have, you are a freak and weird. If you have white and blue icicles, then you are half-weird, half-not-weird.

According to Abby, Santa's reindeer include: Prancer, Dancer, Vixen, and Vomit. Vomit hurls a lot.

Merry Christmas, All!!!


Lori said...

I wouldn't want to be any where near Vomit in flight. Sheesh! Poor Santa would have to wear a rain suit all the time. So cute! Miss you! Merry Christmas!!!!

Pamela said...

What is Arizona doing to your kids??? Vomit? yuck. If I was a reindeer, I would want to fly in front of Vomit...that is for sure! Hope you are all having a very Merry Christmas!