Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Skinny on Millie

Today is Millie's birthday! Can you believe it? One year ago I was hospitalized with my new baby on one side of me and my big baby on the other side. This has been a long year. So much has happened. Some happy. Some very not. But, this post is to celebrate the greatness of my baby daughter--Millie Marie!!

We had Tara and Jabon and their boys come by for some cake Monday night. I took this opportunity to borrow their camera to take pictures of Millie's party and some of my decorating. Here is our Christmas tree, complete with gate to keep babies of all sizes out of the present. And, man, that Jabon in the middle of the floor took me forever to place just-so!

Some more Christmas pictures, but this one also features my old rocking chair. I loved this chair. Now, it is the first place to look for Millie if she's not directly under my feet. She loves this chair. It doesn't matter that she's stood in it and fallen on her head, she still happily sits in it all the time.

Millie opened her presents. We hoped it would help her prepare for Christmas morning. I don't know that it did, but she still got some great gifts. Aunt Tara and Uncle Jabon gave her a cute outfit that she looked adorable in today. Emma gave her the rattle in the picture above. Millie really loved it. Probably because she's played with this rattle since she originally received it last year.

The kids each gave her a card of some kind. They wrote her poems, drew her pictures, wished her a happy birthday. It was so cute. Especially since Millie is smart enough to read them by herself. That's what it looks like, doesn't it???

We made sure to start the habit of not associating Millie's birthday with Christmas. We wrapped her presents in Hannah Montana wrapping paper instead of snowmen and Santas. And you probably guessed that the Hannah Montana paper was left over from one of her sisters. I said we wanted to keep her birthday and Christmas separate, not her birthday and reality hand-me-downs separate.

Mommy and Daddy gave Millie a Fisher Price Little People set. I need to go search for the picture of me on my first birthday opening my first Little People set. But, for now, just imagine it. As soon as I saw this in the store, I knew Millie was going to have it. Josh saw another set, but it had some weird looking girl in it, not the blond girl with the blue dress or the dog. Hello!! You have to have the retro stuff. Then I turned to Josh and asked him, "When did our stuff go 'retro'?" He told me it was when we got old. If someone would like to smack him for me, I'd be much obliged.

I decorated Millie's cake. I originally made her a 9"x13" cake, but that seemed boring, so I decided to make two smaller cakes. One cake was a picture of Millie. Striking likeness, isn't it?

The other was a more Christmas themed cake with candy cane stripes. Yes, I dotted the I's with hearts. I'm corny, but I the mom. I can do what I want.

I realized that I am a genius as a mother. I made Millie the same Funfetti cake that I love and it proved to be so much less messy than a chocolate cake. Genius, I tell you.

This is the most smile I could get off of her. The girl refuses to smile for the camera. Get her sisters to mess with her in a restaurant or store and she shrieks with laughter. She's a tricker.

Some of Millie's milestones:
  • Eating big people food. Her favorite thing is Mandarin oranges.
  • Almost walking. I've been convinced for the last two months that any day she'd begin taking steps. I thought for sure she'd be my first child to walk before she was one. Not quite, but she could if she tried. Soon.
  • Six teeth. Most babies get four teeth on top, two on bottom or vice versa. Millie has her usual two front teeth on top and two on the bottom, but she also has a tooth on the right bottom and one on the right top. Symmetrical still, just in her own unique way.
  • Talking. Okay, not really. More like squealing for two seconds at a time every two seconds for several minutes at a time. Oh my gosh! Wanna watch tv? Sorry! You only get to hear the tube for two seconds at a time. And it's mostly just to hear herself. If she wants to make a point she sits at the base of your feet while you're trying to cook or do dishes. Then she screams.

Some of Millie's favorites:

  • Person: Daddy. Oh, how she loves her Daddy! To see her eyes light up when she sees him makes your heart melt!
  • Food: Mandarin oranges.
  • Place: The rocker.
  • Color: I don't know. She's one.

So, that's Millie. My baby is getting so big! Happy birthday, Sweetheart!!


Mrs. Bennett said...

Millie is a doll! And we got Jackson the same thing for his birthday. I love babies.

Jabon said...

Thanks for having us over! And look, you have coal under the tree... well me anyways

Lori said...

She is so grown up! She looks so totally different than the last time I saw her. I can't believe she's one. It just blows my mind. I miss you guys. Can't wait for May. It can't come soon enough!!!

Tara Dawn said...

She does speak. She says "uh, oh.' I am so glad we got to be with you all for her 1st birthday!