Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Josh and His Jammies

There has been quite a stir about Josh's ducky/footy pajamas. I thought I'd expound a little about them since they're such a topic of interest.

Josh's jammies were custom made for him by his mom. Not only that, but for a costume in one of the plays he was in at Adams State. It's the ideal situation. Who better to make you footy pajamas than your mommy?

The play was The Foreigner and was my favorite play he did. He played Ellard, the dim-witted Southern boy -- very Lenny-esque. We've seen the play since Josh was in it, and no one has played Ellard as well as Josh did. Yes, I may be biased, but I love endearing characters and Josh's Ellard was definitely endearing.

At the end of the show's run, Josh was allowed to keep his footy jammies. The costume shop had a hard time justifying keeping them since there's very little chance that another person Josh's size will need footy pajamas in another play.

That's fine with us!


Jabon said...

Thanks for explaining the jammies... I am devastated that Tara won't be able to get me some... :)

Tara Dawn said...

That's cool. I wish I could have seen that play.

Maybe I can make some for Jabon, so he and Josh can be twins.