Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ernest Goes to the Big Screen

Flipping through the channels today I came across the movie Ernest Saves Christmas. Since this movie came out when I was 11, I loved watching it. I think we even taped it off tv one year. But it got me thinking. Ernest P. Worrell (played by Jim Varney) started out as a character in tv commercials. Then he got his own tv show and then he went on to make about a dozen Ernest movies. It just really struck me that this character started out in commercials, but became a bit of an icon. Who hasn't heard the catch phrase, "Knowhutimean, Vern?"? If you haven't, I'm sorry your life is so sad. Ernest was so funny and just really a memorable character.

Of course, this isn't the only thought I had on the subject.

What other commercial characters would be worth seeing in movies or on tv? The Geico cavemen proved that not all characters transcend all media. Their tv show was horrible. What about Flo the Progressive girl? I try to hate her, but she just doesn't annoy me. As cynical as I am, I rather enjoy her commercials. Don't know how well I'd do watching her for an hour and a half, though.

Then I remembered that I have seen another group of commercial characters in the movies.

Pete and TJ (their real names, I learned tonight) are some of my favorite Sonic drive-in characters. They also appear in the movie Stranger Than Fiction. I like that movie. I think it's so great that they keep that witty banter they do so well in Pete's car as they eat their delicious treats in the Sonic drive in parking area. I can't help but wonder, though, is their appearance in the movie like a product placement? I totally thought of Sonic when I saw them. And I wanted a Diet Cherry Limeade. But, then again, it doesn't take much to make me crave a Diet Cherry Limeade.
Who would you like to see hit the big screen?


Jabon said...

Don't tell Tara but I think Flo is hot! Ha ha, I would however, like to make a geco puree or roll a cave man into traffic. Some commercials just bug me

Lori said...

I love Ernest!!! I haven't seen one of his movies in a long time. I had no idea he came from a commercial. Well done Jim!!

I think I would like to see Flo in something else. I like her movies. In a way, she reminds me of you Shell. (You should take that as a compliment.) James thinks so too.