Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bloggest Loser -- Finale

I don't know that the beginning of this post needs to be filled with the same type of fluff the BL season finale has, so I'll get right to the good news.

And the winner is........

Carina lost 7.27% of her body weight since she joined our competition! Holy cow, Carina!! You are my hero! Despite your stresses of life (and you've had some stress, my friend!) and the unruliness of summer, you've done well and inspired me to find my inner strength. You're amazing and I'd love to see some pictures of you and your chiseled body!! :)

I appreciate everyone for stopping by and playing along. I know not everyone was able to stay focused for the entire time we competed, but I'm grateful for the love and support. I hope everyone was able to get something out of the last several weeks: a complete goal, a realization, a plan for a new goal.

Here's what I've learned: I crave routine. I have little to no will power, although my heart is always in the right place. So, to counteract my lack of restraint, I need to force myself into a no-fail situation. I know my weaknesses even better now, no matter how much I'd love to deny that I have weaknesses. I am really looking forward to next week because the kids go back to school (I know, it's so soon!) and I can create a new schedule and routine. This will be good for me and maybe I can finally catch those goals that keep running away from me.

So, congratulations, Carina!! You totally rock!

And let me know..... anyone up for another competition once more of the general population has children in school?
(It won't hurt my feelings if you say no.)
(And I'm only partly kidding about a new competition.)


colds1 said...

I'll take you on! No baby birthing and mandatory recovery time this time around, so watch out!

Carina said...

Woo-hoo! I am going to throw humility out of the window & tell you I have lost 15% since Valentine's Day! Isn't that freaking awesome?!? This is my first attempt at really ever trying to lose weight so I am not a yo-yo dieter. I hope that this will also be my last attempt and that I will try to live healthy for the rest of my life. But, ahem, I do see reality on the other side of the rainbow and realize it isn't always easy, just that it is doable.

Chiseled pictures of MY body, you say??? I wish I had chiseled pics to show you, but I am still leaps and bounds away from anything close to that. I could put on some Spanx, then airbrush and digitally alter it. Oh baby, the things I could do, If only I knew how. ;) I feel like I look different and I am starting to get lots of comments from friends and family, but then I see a picture and want to cry with a huge bucket of ice cream. You mean I looked worse than that? Maybe one day that will change. I will see what I can do about pics. I don't really have a good B4 pic because I didn't want pics taken. So it will be something hideous of me without makeup hiding behind the kids opening presents or something like that. The only complimentary one I am wearing Spanx and black so it is hard to tell, which is obviously what I was going for.

I love ya Shelly and was grateful for this extra push to help me stay focused. I would LOVE to do it again because our weight loss train doesn't stop here. I think you all did awesome! There are tons of challenges during the summer, I had my husband to drag my butt up hiking so I was sweating it off. But now he has a job again, I think we are on a level playing field. If you want I could host it on my blog, even though I would miss your commentary. Yes, I do have a blog, I just haven't updated in a year and have been trying to figure out how to start up again. Do I update the world or just say Here I am again?

Lucky Larson's said...

Good Job!! 15% that is totally an inspiration!

Our community is hosting a weight loose class so I am weighing in this Thursday at 5:45 AM.

This class will NOT Only MAKE me change my sleeping patterns---instead of 10:30 pm thinking--I wonder what movie I should watch tonight---I will be sleeping--but I am hoping to be a little more committed to this one, since, like you said summer is just a little crazy.

OK--so I wrote a book here--but again THANK YOU for doing this and CONGRATS to Carine!!