Friday, August 13, 2010

You Got Wrong Numbered!

Did you ever see the episode of Friends when Monica and Chandler come back from their honeymoon and they find out that the couple they met while away had "wrong numbered" them? And then there was the whole debate about whether the couple had even given their real names.

I think some dude named Paul has "wrong numbered" a bunch of people. Josh's phone gets calls for Paul fairly regularly. Men, women, it doesn't matter. Paul doesn't seem to be biased. At first it was all women and we wondered if Paul had given out his wrong number to a dating service. Several of those women seemed awfully disappointed when Josh adamantly assured them that he's not Paul.

Then males started calling too. None of them seemed too disappointed, so I'm pretty sure none of them were from a dating service.

We did get some calls at the end of the school year from a certain school Paul's child seemed to attend. And a few from his doctor. We did our best to make sure they knew they had the wrong number.

Tonight when I went to wake Josh for his shift I noticed his phone in his hand and asked him if someone had called him during the day. He looked at his hand very surprised to see his phone there. He looked at his call history and was surprised to see that he had, indeed, received a call around noon. He didn't recognize the number. The funniest part was that he couldn't remember answering the phone, but the call was listed as Received. Some poor soul had had a conversation with my sleeping husband.

Josh started to worry that he'd had some sort of incomprehensible conversation with someone from work. He racked his brain trying to remember, but couldn't. Finally I asked him, "Was it someone for Paul?" Yes, it was. Paul's wrong number struck again and some unsuspecting sap had a conversation with a sleeping man.

Paul, choose a different wrong number for your "wrong numbered" schemes, please. My husband needs his sleep.

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Lori said...

Oh that poor sap! At least you know that they were able to have a good laugh with that wrong number!