Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boy Colors

Today I revisited my childhood. It was my own fault. I let myself get sucked in.

I love my nephew Brett. He's a good kid, he's pretty funny, and he seems to be somewhat fond of me too.

Brett and me, the first time I got to see and hold him. 2005.

I was helping him with his homework today after lunch and he made the comment that he used his green crayon a lot at school today. But he assured me that all was well since he likes the color green. I told him that I like it too.

Here's where it began. "No, Shelly, it's a boy color. You can't like it."

It was like a time warp had just pulled me into the past. I was four or five years old and arguing with my cousin Eric. Evidently, Eric and I always argued. But this argument will always haunt me.

According to my cousin, I was only allowed to like red or pink. But I didn't like red or pink. I liked green. No, I couldn't like green, it's a boy color.

Here's a hint: when trying to convince me to do or like something, don't tell me what I can't do or like. I will fight you. I will fight you and do or like that thing FOREVER.

Green has been, and always will be, my favorite color.

So, I immediately came back to the present as I heard Brett tell me that boy colors are the best colors.

I could agree with him on that. Green is one of the best colors.


Lori said...

And blue too. Light blue is my favorite color. I love how little minds work.

Jabon said...

He is such a goof sometimes. And yes, he does love his Shelly though!!