Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Bloggest Loser -- Week Seven

Okay, technically, it's Week 7, but we're doing our mid-point check in this week. So, use your beginning weight from the start of this competition (no matter which week you joined) and see how far you've come in the last seven weeks. Go here for the calculator.

I'm not happy with my weight loss for the past several weeks. I'm at a whopping 0.63% loss. But, considering all of my yo-yo-ing, I guess it's not too bad. Plus with all that no-kitchen-to-cook-in and no-exercise-except-the-self-forcing-to-pack-and-move, I'm just glad I'm not back to my mega-fatty state.

It's time to re-focus and do this thing. I'm going to commit to five days of exercise next week. I will not eat after 8pm. I will try to get 8 hours of sleep each night. Everyday I will drink at least two full drink-things I got from the hospital when Millie was born. Of course, this will all be in effect as of tomorrow, so for now I'll continue to eat my gummy bears.

I've been waiting for Josh to be home before I watched the Biggest Loser finale. He's been working since the episode was uploaded on the internet. Now he's home over the weekend, so we'll have to watch it. I thought I read somewhere that Mike won. If you need to let out your feelings about the episode, I understand. Hopefully I'll get to watch it soon, so.... you know what? Do it. Talk about it. Share your feelings. Get it off your chest! And while you're at it tell me how it's been going for you. Just do it. And then get off your butt and exercise!!

And then come to my house and take away my gummy bears. Please.


colds1 said...

Down 6.8% since the beginning. Sadly, my weight is not falling off anymore and I still have 2 weeks before I'm cleared to exercise. Sigh.

My other problem, all baby related, is that I'm constantly starving and not making good snacking choices. But if you come and try to take away my m&ms, there will be serious consequences!

Tara Dawn said...

I haven't lost any weight, either, but I have not been making good food or exercise choices consistently enough.

Since I am on my 3rd day of HCG, I hope I can post better news next week. And since I am really hungry right now, I will avoid your house and it's gummy bears! I should avoid my house, too, for that matter. I still have peanut m&m's and sugar cookies that are tempting me. BUT I WILL PREVAIL!!

Crisanne said...

I'll come and take away your gummy bears only if you take away my cinnamon bears. Hmm... just looked and there are only a few left in the package. They look awfully lonely. Maybe I should just put them out of their misery... and then there wouldn't be anything to tempt me tomorrow!!

Lucky Larson's said...

2.13% weight loss

I am not thrilled--but since I haven't been working out--or even watching what I eat I am ok with the results so far--the next 7 weeks-- I really want to try to kick butt this last half.

I will wait to talk to you about the final of biggest loser after you have watched it!

So excited for these next 7 weeks!

Since I am a little on the competative side--is there anyway you can list our rankings thus far?
Maybe that will encourage me!!


Carina said...

I am down 3.18% weight loss since I started. That makes me feel better than the small numbers we post sometimes.

I am trying to stay on target, but I am not tracking so that makes it hard. I did give in today though because there is one time during the month that I MUST have chocolate. But I only had one slice of brownie instead of half of the pan. I hope it is still there when I plan to give it to the kids for a reward.

I am exercising more, just not at the gym. Mostly yard work and then walking or hiking with the family. But moving is moving.

This is the first time I have really ever really tried to lose weight, so I am pleased. I just have to get past those terrible feelings you get when you still aren't anywhere close to the goal. I have to smile when I see the changes in my face and my stomach even if I can't see it everywhere else. And the tape measure is my friend.

Thanks Shelly! I hope we all have a great 7 weeks.