Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Laundry, Coziness, and Deja Vu

There are so many things I'm loving about our new home.

First, our miracle dryer. I thought we needed a repairman or a brand new dryer. Ours has the function to only dry as long as it detects moisture. Whatever that's called. Anyway, the first time I'd dry a load it would take about three hours to dry. Then I'd have to dry it a second time, which only took about 90 more minutes. Laundry sucked. Come to find out, our dryer just didn't have the oomph to vent up to the roof of the house. Now, it vents right outside and IT WORKS!! I never expected to be happy to do laundry.

Second, we're comfortable. Our house is cozy. Not small....cozy. We're happy, and it's been a while since we've felt at home while we were at home.

Third, and the biggest thing I'm loving is my sister just down the street. It was nice to stop by and chat as I took the kids over to the mailboxes this evening. And we had a nice BBQ yesterday for Memorial Day.

At our BBQ I had a near sense of deja vu. Here is my nephew Cody pulling his brother Ashton and my Millie around in the wagon:

I had to get a picture of it because it totally made me think of this moment:

This is my Uncle Charlie pulling me around. Funny, this picture was most likely taken at or near my Grandma Pearl's house in Montana. Now, both Grandma and Charlie live about 15 minutes away from Tara and me here in Arizona.

Here's another shot. Gotta love the 70s.

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Tara Dawn said...

These pics are funny! I know I have told you already, but we are loving the fact that you guys are so close!