Monday, September 20, 2010

The Third 11th Birthday Bash

I had a really wonderful birthday weekend. That's pretty much what it was: a weekend of PAR-TAY.

In case you wanted to be a part of the festivities (or want to relive them), here is the recap......


I share my birthday with my sister Tara. So we went and had lunch together. Of course, we brought Josh, Millie, and my nephews Brett and Ashton with us. We headed over to a local Mom-and-Pop place. It was pretty good food, but the service lacked. Because the waitress's flirting wasn't enough to warrant a decent tip from us, I'm not sure if we'll go back.

It was later that day that I couldn't take some respiratory problems I was having (full story HERE) and went to the ER. After the fact, Josh and I both admitted that we were so worried that I was about to discover that I had lung cancer or something horrible like that the day before my birthday. Luckily, I just needed some oxygen and more calories. I'm much better now.


My actual birthday. It was a pretty nice and quiet day. Josh spent the morning making me a MOUNTAIN of a cake. Seriously. It was a double batch, complete with a homemade chocolate glaze. He called it, "Death By Chocolate." It nearly was. Seriously.

He also made me some chipotle chili lime fried chicken. It was very, very good.

We ate the cake (I got sick, remember the cake's name) and had some great frozen yogurt. It was a nice night. I had already opened my present (my new running shoes) so it was a nice and simple party.


Our date day. Josh grabbed his cousin's daughter to watch the kids before they ever even got home from school. He took me to Scottsdale and surprised me with a facial. While I was being massaged and cleansed, what was Josh doing? Sitting in the lobby watching a dumb Fred kid on iCarly. That's how much he loves me.

Then we went further into Scottsdale to a restaurant called Maggiano's Little Italy. Here's something you may not know about me. I have a major weakness. It is Italian food. It's a good thing I had a big reason to eat more calories. Because I think that dinner alone took care of my ketoacidosis. And it was a pleasure to allow it to heal me. Oh, was it good food. And you'd expect a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona, to be expensive, but it really didn't cost much more than Olive Garden. But sooo much better. Mmm. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Mmmm....

Afterward, we went to see if any movies were playing, but there really wasn't anything out that sounded interesting. We grabbed a Redbox movie and relieved the babysitter early.


Tara's SIL Carina invited Tara and me out for lunch for our birthday. I thought it was really sweet that they thought to invite me as well. We had a good lunch and checked out a new pottery painting place nearby. It was fun to hang out with the two of them.


We had a nice BBQ at Tara's house. Carina and her husband Jershon came over, as well as my daddy. We had a delicious dinner, Carina made a yummy lemon bundt cake, and we rocked out to a little Beatles' Rockband.

There's a tradition in our family that the birthday person gets blasted with the Beatle's Birthday. This year it came in the form of Tara, Cody, Jershon, and me rocking to Rockband.

If you notice, most of my birthday revolved around some sort of meal or food. Yep. The food journal started again today!

Oh, I nearly forgot to explain the "Third 11th" comment. Josh called this birthday my third 11th. My first 11th I turned 11. My second 11th, I turned 22. Now, for my third 11th, I've turned 33. Isn't he clever?

I love you, Josh. Thanks for taking so much time, money, and effort to make it a special birthday bash weekend!!

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Lori said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Italian food AND a facial. Sheesh! You're spoiled :)

Hey, how come we never play Rock Band when I'm there?