Monday, March 29, 2010


Every Sunday I ponder the concept of callings in the LDS church. In our church, people are not paid for their services. A person will be prayerfully considered for a position and then asked if they will accept the calling. They have the ability to turn it down if they choose. But I think everyone knows that no matter how much you might dread a certain calling, you will be blessed for accepting it.

There's a certain bit of expectation I experience each time we join a new ward. Where will I be called? Because there's always a need, it's pretty much a given that a calling will eventually be extended. Where might I work? The Primary (children ages 18 mos to 11 years)? The Young Women (ages 12 to 18)? The Relief Society (women over the age of 18)? Sunday School (ages 12 to adults)? Activities? Family History? Music Coordination? So many possibilities.

Of course, this always gets me to reflect on past callings. I think one of the best callings I've ever had was also one of the most difficult. I taught the adult Sunday school lessons, called Gospel Doctrine. Basically, I taught a 40 minute lesson, using the scriptures as the basis, to adults so much more wise in spiritual matters than I was. I was 26, teaching people who had been active in the Gospel for 50+ years. Talk about intimidating. But, it all happened during a time in my life that I could have easily stayed home every Sunday and no one would have thought less of me for it. Matt had just been born (I think he was 2 months old when I got the calling), so Emma and Abby were 3 and 2. Josh worked weekends, so he rarely made it to church with me. I was also waist-deep in school and theatre. As uplifting as good theatre can be, not all plays are uplifting. My spirit was wavering. For three years I complained about my calling, but it kept me at church every Sunday and it forced me to study my scriptures so I'd be prepared for my lessons and possible questions/themes that could be discussed. It was a challenge, but after the fact I realized that I loved it.

So tell me. What callings have you loved?


Merinda Reeder said...

I love being girls camp anything. The life changer was before my kids were born, when Clint and I lived on campus at the UofU. Our stake was responsible to provide a branch for the University hospital. about 20 couples. We started with a Sunday school lesson just for us, then we went to patients inviting those who could, and any visitors, to our sacrament meeting. It was a 30-minute sacrament meeting, with 2 5-minute talks. Then we would divide to our assigned halls and take the sacrament to the patients who couldn't get out of their rooms and wanted it. Then we cleaned up and had time to share experience and testimony. Each Sunday was an exhausting 4-5 hours - and miracles every single week. We always came home full and tired.

colds1 said...

I have loved pretty much all of my callings, except RS pianist. I had to play on a keyboard and it was not cool.

I have learned one thing though: the Lord often gives you what you ask for! I wasn't feeling spiritually challenged in my calling as RS secretary and it was a very short time later that I was called as YW president! I swear He has a sense of humor!