Friday, March 5, 2010

Warning: A "You Had To Be There" Moment

Tonight I made some cookies.

As surprised as you might be (if you remember my love for baking), imagine the surprise of my children. They were fascinated. I left the light on in the oven so they could sit there for ten minutes and watch the cookies bake. I think they all sat there the entire time, too.

The kids wanted to help me, so I let the girls mix the dry ingredients while I mixed the sugar and such. First they had to wash their hands "like a nurse." Daddy has taught them well.

They mixed and mixed. Then I let each kid grab an egg and give it to me. Abby and Emma began dramatically fake-sobbing as their eggs were butchered and cracked and torn open by the heinous baker-mom. But when their last egg, Darling, was cracked, they were in all sorts of a fit. Finally, it was time to add the flour mixture. They took heart in that "Johnny" the flour was being reunited with "Darling" the egg. Evidently, Johnny and Darling love each other and wanted to get married. Abby yelled, "They've been dating since high school!"

I don't know where they get this oddity. It's not like their parents are ever weird.


Lori said...

That's just so cute!!! I'm so glad that Johnny and Darling were able to be reunited! It's just too darn hard to be apart for too long.

I miss those crazy kids!

Lucky Larson's said...

I think that is fun!! So cute!! So Anne of Green Gables.

Celine said...

rofl Priceless!