Monday, March 15, 2010

Round One

Here's the skinny on buying a house:

There is only one house for you. Unfortunately, you have to look at many houses to find that one.

This weekend we put a bid on a HUD home. It was in good condition, needed minimal repairs (light fixtures and a stove/oven, very typical items missing in vacant homes around here), and a great price. We made the offer knowing we would only be able to keep the home for a few years. It's a 4 bedroom, we know our family is not done growing. Kids can share rooms, but we may not be able to get away with cozy quarters when we have three teenagers, a tween, and whoever else may come along. I really wanted the home. It made me feel comfortable. But, someone out bid us by $50. We are the first back up, but we need to move on and find our new home.

It's very uncommon for someone to get the first home they put an offer on. We've now walked through at least five homes and walked around the outside of several others. Our list is quickly dwindling. Luckily, new homes pop up everyday. New HUD homes come up every Friday.

Tomorrow we tour at least four new homes. Let's get ready for Round Two.


Lori said...

$50!?!?! That stinks! I love looking at homes, so I hope you guys have fun doing it too!

Merinda Reeder said...

$50 --- lame.
I'm inspired to perhaps share a bit of our house hunting.

Tara Dawn said...

Our sitter bid on about 60 houses (I am not embellishing that fact) before their offer on their house was accepted. I hope that is not the same for you! Just keep your chin up and when you find the house that God wants you in, it will happen.