Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reality TV, Anyone?

So, if you had the chance to be on any reality TV show on these days, which would you choose?

I don't know that I would fit in on any current show.

The Biggest Loser: I love this show, but that would mean that I would need to lose more than the 20 lbs I have left (yes, I've lost 10 lbs in the last four weeks or so). So, I'm thinking that would not happen. It is kind of cool that an open audition is being held just up the road from us in a couple weeks. But, like I said, my weight to lose is not enough to get me on the show. Although having Bob and Jillian kick my can each day would be helpful.

Dancing With the Stars: I love this one too. I've only missed one season in its entire run and that was because we elected to not have cable back then. But would I really like being on the show? Hmmm....learning how to dance with some handsome man 6 to 8 hours a day. Actually, as great as it sounds, it would be a bit of a bummer. The only man I want to dance with is Josh. And as wonderful as he is in so many ways, Josh knows how to dance as well as I do, so there's no chance that he could be my handsome partner. Plus, I'd have to be a Star, and as incredible as I am, I am no Star, so there goes that one.

Celebrity Apprentice: I don't know a whole lot about this one except for the infamous, "You're Fired!" The little I've seen of the show seems to have a lot of marketing involved for the contestants to figure out. I'm not much of a marketing person. The most marketing I've ever done is watching Who's the Boss in the 80s. (In case you don't remember, Angela was an advertiser.)

Survivor: This is one I might have a chance at. Living in the middle of nowhere? Done that. Having to survive on very little? Done that. Making alliances with the devil? Okay, that one's not gonna happen.

Supernanny: The day I need Supernanny is the day I give up as a mother. Now, having a nanny to give me a break every once in a while, that's something else.

Extreme Make Over: Home Edition: Yes. Sign me up. If only I had a house..... Maybe we should contact House Hunters.

There are tons of other reality TV shows out there. I think the only show I'd really like to do is a brand-new one coming out called Who Do You Think You Are? which is a show that investigates people's genealogy. I know a bit about my roots, but I'd love to learn even more. I want to know more about Obe Lowry who was killed during a family feud in Mississippi, or Ann Short who came to the New World aboard the Welcome with William Penn on his first voyage, around 1681. I want to know more about these people. And to have an expert help me find these stories, not just the names and dates, would be awesome.

So tell me. What show would you do?


TMI Tara said...

Celeb Apprentice is one of my favs. I also LOVE So You Think You Can Dane, which is weird because I'm not usually into dancing or anything related to it, but I love that one. I've recently gotten into Biggest Loser, but I just ff to the end when it shows who gets kicked off, and what the people look like after getting kicked off and losing more weight. I watch DWTS, but I don't really like it. In fact, I don't really know why I watch it, but I do.

p.s. I already took some sleeping medicine so if this comment is loopy, that will explain it! ;O)

colds1 said...

Amazing Race!!! Kevin and I would love to do this one and we would kick some major booty if they sent us to Russia!

I think we could also land a spot on the new one "The Marriage Ref." We were laughing pretty hard the other night when it premiered. I'm sure there is something funky enough about us to get on that show!

Billmo99 said...

My wife and I know about "Obe Lowery" who was killed in a family feud in Mississippi. My wife is "Obediah Lowery's" Great Great Granddaughter. We should talk :)
Amazing finding this reference here. I was just doing a Google search to see if anything new came up in regards to Obediah. And here you are wanting to know more about him!!!!