Saturday, May 15, 2010

Huffing Paint Fumes

I'm not a drug addict. I promise. I'm just a woman on a mission. And that mission is getting closer to being done.

To Do List:
Emma's accent wall
Matt's walls cleaned
Matt's room painted
Downstairs bathroom edges
Upstairs bathroom painted
Master bathroom taped
Master bathroom painted

To Done List:
Every other wall in the house!!!!!

There are still some wall/ceiling edges that need to be done, but three bedrooms are completed. All living spaces are completed. Stairs, hallways, washroom are completed.

As I sit (or stand) and paint, I can't help but let my mind wander over several random things. I forgot the radio today, so that made it even worse than usual. Unfortunately, the fumes from the paint have effected my memory and I don't really remember anything. I guess it was a lot of really important stuff. Hmmm. It really is too bad I can't remember any of it. It could have made for an interesting blog post.

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