Friday, October 30, 2009

'Fess Up Friday, Picture Dump and "What the Heck Happened to Matt?"

'Fess Up Friday

With Halloween coming up tomorrow, I knew this week was going to be tough. Our ward had their Trunk or Treat on Tuesday night, so for several days now I've been wanting chocolate. And, I'm very proud to report that I didn't take any candy out of the kids' stashes. I'm pretty sure that was a first. I did, however, ask Josh to pick up some extra bags of candy at the store. And then I ate them. Okay, not all of them, but it's just a matter of time.

The other reason I expected this week to be a little rough on my weightloss was because we upped our workout routine this week (muscle weighs more than fat, right? Right???). Tara and I are doing my newest video. It's a Biggest Loser workout with Bob. We add to our workout routine every two weeks for a total of six weeks. Because this was Week 3, we added 15 minutes and have discovered that the cliche "Misery loves company" is incredibly true. I think my favorite moment of the entire week was when Tara turned to me and said, "What have you gotten me into?!" If my body wasn't so insanely sore I'd heartily laugh outloud.

I also missed two days of workout this week. I need to workout tomorrow to make up for it a little. It's just really tough to wake up early on the mornings after you've been up with sick kids and/or husbands.
How'd you do?

Picture Dump


Millie and Ashton at Peter Piper Pizza. If you are on Facebook with me, this is the night of the infamous Millie-pooped-on-my-shirt-and-we-still-went-out-in-public-where-Millie-wore-just-a-diaper-and-bib fiasco.

My nephew Cody.

Emma's cute hair.

Abby's cute hair.

Ashton and Millie playing with the Tupperware.

The kids dressed up this morning for school. They were supposed to be book characters. Emma and Cody took off before I could snap their pictures, but Abby was running a little late. She is Miss Viola Swamp from the Miss Nelson books.

"What the Heck Happened to Matt?"

Saturday night we had dinner with Josh's cousin, Bobbie, and her family. I've never met this side of Josh's family before, so this was kind of a big deal to me. Bobbie is really nice and I really enjoyed spending time with her and her family. I had met her husband Mark once before because he helped us unload our moving truck into the storage unit. Good people.

Matt's splint

Anyway, Matt and the other kids were jumping on the trampoline. I've never been a fan of trampolines. I'm still not. One of the kids jumped onto Matt and his arm got hurt. Thinking he was just being overly dramatic (not uncommon at our house), we told him to calm down and it would be fine. After a few hours, though, he was still complaining so Josh took him to the ER. I expected to hear that his wrist was sprained or something, but no, it's broken. The ER told Josh that Matt had a green stick break, which is like what a green twig looks like when you try to snap it. Luckily, they were wrong.

Matt's glow-in-the-dark cast. Cool, right?

When we went to the orthopedist on Tuesday (one reason I missed exercising that day since we spent nearly four hours in their office) we found out his break is a buckle break instead. He'll need a cast for about three weeks. It heals quickly, but he does have to be very careful because bumping it could aggravate it. So, that is the story of what the heck happened to Matt.


Lori said...

Poor kiddo. What a weird way to break it. The cast is pretty cool though. Glow in the dark, WOW!

Cute dress up for Abby! I liked that book when I was little.

Tara Dawn said...

Just to throw this out there for the other readers: it is SUPER difficult to keep a 5 yr old boy from aggravating a broken arm. All of us adults in the house are constantly telling him to quit jumping and falling on his cast or quit hitting it into things. Silly boy.

-His Aunt Tara