Thursday, January 7, 2010

Extraordinary Measures

Anyone seen the previews for this one? At first it caught my attention because it's a Harrison Ford movie. Love him. Then I noticed Brendan Fraser. Love him more. Then I saw Keri Russell. Hello? How much better can this movie get? Then I saw what it was about.

It seems that the movie is about a man who does everything in his power to find the cure for his two children who have the fatal Pompe Disease. I don't know much more about it, but there's a little blurb about the real man on the movie's website. Click Here to check it out. After seeing that, I really want to go see this movie when it comes to theaters in a few weeks.

This may be pulling extra hard at my heart strings because of Matt. Matt is getting to the age where he understands his heart condition much better. He knows he's had surgery and that he'll need it again. This makes the most minor trip to the doctor extra scary for him. He's also told me a lot lately (including today) that it feels weird to have Aunt Lori's blood and strangers' blood in his body. He did think it was really cool when I told him that I have strangers' blood in my body too.

He's just really beginning to understand and it's a very nerve-wracking transition. We have to take him to a new cardiologist here and I'm hoping he will not be too scared. Last we knew, his heart is doing just fine and we shouldn't have to worry about his next surgery for a few years. But I can't help but remember his depression after his last surgery, which was March 2007. He was not quite three and we had to actively encourage him to drink, eat and move around. The toll on his spirit was obvious--you could see it in his eyes. Of course I just wanted to hold him and protect him, but I had to get him to be uncomfortable and get out of bed. The thing that finally worked was a little car he could drive through the halls of the pediatric ward.

He also got to drink with straws. He liked that.

So, I'm interested in watching this movie. You do what you can to help your children. Even if it kills you and breaks your heart. I spent most of the week in the hospital with Matt laying on his bed with him. Our hotel room was 15 to 30 minutes away (depending on traffic in downtown Denver) and that felt like a million miles when I had to be away from him. I love Matt. I'm so grateful that his heart has been so healthy so far. I wish with all my might that I'll never have to see the look of pain and panic in his eyes ever again, but I know it's not only possible but probable.

In thinking about it, it's Matt who has taken Extraordinary Measures. At the age of 5 he has already begun facing the demons of the depression that falls on a person whose heart has literally been in someone else's hands. He's a special boy. A much stronger person than he may ever realize. He's got his Daddy's spirit. He'll grow to be a good man like Josh.

They both amaze me. And I love them.


TMI Tara said...

I did see the preview for this in the theater. I was supposed to be going up the stairs to get to my seat, but it grabbed my attention and had me standing still taking it in. I can't wait to see it! Keri is one of my fav actresses ever!

Matt IS a very special boy. I'm glad he has a mom who talks with him openly about his condition. This will take a lot of fear and apprehension away, and turn it into understanding and power. He will be strong because his parents are strong.

Can't wait to hear what you think of the movie. I wish we could go together!!!

Lori said...

The first time I saw the preview it was of Brendon. I LOVE him!!! Then Harrison Ford came into the picture and I was positive I was going to watch this one!!

Please let Matt know that Aunt Lori feels very special in being able to share that with him. How many people can say that? And I'd do it again in a heart beat! I love that boy!!!

Tara Dawn said...

I wish I could give him some of my blood! That makes me jealous, stinking O+.

The movie sounds great. I haven't seen a preview yet, so I am looking forward to it.