Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pictures and More Pictures

Let me preface this by saying that there are very few pictures with good shots of faces. And so it goes. But, here is a little blurb about some of our exploits with my cousin Jon and his family. They came to visit for a week. Jon ran in the P.F. Chang's Half Marathon in Phoenix last Sunday.

Here is Emma and her second cousins. That means they are my first cousins, once removed--I totally had to look that up at I truly had no idea how to explain our family relationship.

Megan, Kyra and Emma

We went to the Phoenix Zoo. Here is my little family looking at the tiger.

Josh took this shot from afar. We were looking at the hippos.
It's hard to see, but that's Matt, Emma, Abby, me with Millie on my shoulders, and Pam (Jon's wife).

This is the Geico Gecko. He didn't talk to us about switching our car insurance. But he and his buddies did hang off the glass, the rocks, everywhere. It was pretty cool. And I know where he comes from....not Australia.

Later we went to the Mesa Temple. Jabon and the boys came to take some pics of Jon and Pam's clan.

Abby, Matt and Brett

Brett and Matt discussing politics over raisins.

Ashton and Millie checking out all the big kids.

Poor Josh had worked the night before and was a bit tired.

This one was from tonight. The kids were just playing around and I thought Millie's face was priceless. That little girl sure puts up with a lot.

And in case you were wondering, I'm pretty much the worst Mom ever. While my baby is thowing a fit, what do I do? I take a video of it and stick it on the internet so everyone can see what a ball of fire I have. Man, am I excited for the Terrible Twos to start. And the preschool years. And the elementary years. And the Tween years. And the teenage years. Heaven help us!

But she's still cute.


RNLambile said...

Great Posting, except the clan was looking at Black Rhinos not Hippos. Love the pictures and I love you! Josh

Lori said...

Millie's so silly. It looked like she had to stop and see if anyone was paying attention yet... No?... okay, more fussing!!! LOL! I LOVE the picture of Emma silhouetted against the temple. It's gorgeous! I'm glad you had fun! I love all the other pictures too!

Merinda Reeder said...

You have cute kids. I totally support responding to tantrums with a camera. :D

Pamela said...

Josh, the zookeeper said they were white rhinos...not to argue or anything, but you were pretty sleepy. It was just pretty darn cool that you have been to the zoo where they were born though...Love the post Shelly!