Friday, January 8, 2010

We Can Do It!

Upon Lori's suggestion (and Tara Bennett's endorsement---yes, everyone's opinions matter to me!!) I've decided to call the weekly weight check-in "We Can Do It." I also liked Jeri Dawn's idea of "Operation: Fit Into My Pants" but I wasn't sure if you had dibs on that one, JD.
Anyway, I've been religiously exercising this week. Everyday. We'll see how tomorrow goes, Saturdays are always so tricky. Especially since we have a trip to the zoo planned. My downfall is, and has always been, food. Either I eat too much or not enough. I can't seem to find the right balance. I use my Biggest Loser cookbook, but that only does me so much good when I pop myself a bag of popcorn at 8pm. Help!!! I really, really want to do something like the NutriSystem diet, but I'm scared to do stuff like that. What happens after I've lost the weight and begin making my own food again? I'll tell you what happens....
Hello, Fatty!!
I don't need that again. I remind myself quite often, that I began this journey two years ago. I was interrupted with a pregnancy, so that takes a year out of the count. In the year I've been doing this, I've lost 35 lbs. That's good. But why is this last half of my weight loss journey so tricky? Maybe it's because I keep changing tactics. I have become a bit of a connoisseur of exercise programs. I'm sticking with the Insanity program. This week has been a killer, but if I can stick with it, I'll see results soon, I'm sure. I've just got to keep exercising and working on my food choices. No more "cheat foods" or "cheat meals". Just because I did a good job working out, doesn't mean I've earned the naughty foods.
I'll try it out for a week and we'll see how it goes.
How'd you do?


TMI Tara said...

Good job for you. Cheers to me on a 7 lb weight loss in 5 days. Cheers to more weight loss next week. I LOVE the theme and especially the pic! Thanks for keeping me motivated, girl! xo

Jeri Dawn said...

Uggghhh. Too many scheduling conflicts this week! Do you ever have problems with your kid getting up even when you are exercising in the mornings? This is my BIGGEST gripe---when to do it! Mornings? The baby is always waking up at different times despite my efforts to just get her to sleep. During the day? Kids get in the way or drop them off at the gym daycare, hate it. Night? More time away from those precious night hours with my hubby. Anyway, I have a plan, it just didn't work this week. And...about the dieting...Yeah, cook foods you like but will stick with your goals. Jason always says, "It's easy to lose weight. Eat less and exercise more." Ha ha, right? Oh, and no dibbsies...just a plan or a desparate plea to fit into my pants again. I am sick of the same pair.