Sunday, January 24, 2010

Movie Reviews: Buy It or Rent It

This week has been rainy and dreary. My cousins left Wednesday morning and then the rains came down. Consequently, the floods came up. All around us. The kids cannot play outside. Our backyard is all dirt, so now it is a mud pit. We wanted to get out Saturday, so we went to check out the "affordable" theater over in Tempe. It's just down the road from where Josh grew up. It's one of those that charge $3/person ($2/Tuesdays). I expected the theater to be rundown and grungy, just like every other dollar theater I've been to. But it so wasn't. You walk in and there's this Muppet-like band that greets you (the picture above). Then you look around and there is movie memorabilia EVERYWHERE. You can see life size cut-outs of characters, life size 3-D replicas of people, wax statues of US presidents, etc. It's pretty dang cool. So, for a couple dollars more than it would cost us to take the kids to a new-release theater, we went and watched two movies. We had fun. It was a good day.

So, besides discovering this great theater to frequent (on Tuesdays, especially) I realized that we've seen several family movies lately. I thought I'd give a quick review of them, in case you haven't had a chance to check them out yet. I actually know how to review a movie/play, but I don't like giving away the plot. So, this is going to be especially simple.....

Planet 51
Buy it. It's cute.

Old Dogs
Mixed reviews. At least rent it. Josh said it had been a while since he laughed at a movie, but this one got him. I was struggling with Millie in the back of the theater and only caught 80% of the movie.
Buy it. Buy it on BluRay, even if you don't own a BluRay player.

Monsters Vs Aliens

Rent it. You might buy it. Maybe not. It might say something for me to not remember how much I liked it when we rented it.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Another mixed review. I liked it and say "buy it." Josh was more middle of the road.

Where The Wild Things Are

Rent it. But only from Redbox so you only have to pay a dollar. The Wild Things are brilliantly made, but the story is so lacking that I just didn't like it. But, really, the Wild Things look incredible. And the sarcastic Wild Thing is my favorite one.

There you have it, friends. My overly simplified movie review. Happy watching.


Lori said...

I didn't like Monsters Vs. Aliens for one line. When they talked about her boobs. HELLO!!!! I have 3 very impressionable boys and I don't need them talking about girls boobs. At least not while they are young and I can still tell them what not to talk about.

UP was great!!! We love that one.

I haven't seen any of the others. I don't think I want to see The Wild Things. One of my friends said it was pretty boring.

Merinda Reeder said...

Of the ones I have seen, my reviews match yours, so I guess I'll head over to the redbox for the wild things. We don't own a blu ray player, but we did get the blu-ray/DVD of UP and it's going on at this very instant. I LOVE it.

Tara Dawn said...

We have only seen UP on this list. We watched a preview for Monsters vs Aliens and they played the boob part. Jabon and I looked at each other with huge eyes. Why in the heck are they ruining our children with these stupid innuendos in movies?? Can they not just keep it clean?! This is obviously a pet peeve for me. Yet, we watch movies now a days that we used to watch all the time as kids and guess what? They are in there too, along with drinking and smoking. Then we ask ourselves "Okay, so I didn't notice that when I was little. Are they noticing this?"