Saturday, January 16, 2010

Need a Millie Update?

Some new things about Millie......

She won't walk yet. I know, that's not new, but this is an update, I know you're all on the edges of your seats waiting for the day she takes her first step. I'm thinking she's just holding out on us. She could walk if she tried, but she won't try. I'm pretty sure she just wants to start running and wants to make sure she has better balance first.

Millie has begun incorporating more than just my old rocking chair as her favorite spots. These pics are of her in Matt's "truck chair." She also likes our big blue arm chair, but she only gets to sit in that if someone puts her in it.

Millie speaks. She is very affluent with the word "no." She furrows her brow, waves her hand at you and says, "Go!" We've learned that "go" is actually "no." We figured this out when she was naughty...she touched the laptop, looked at us, furrowed that brow, shook her hand at us and said, "Go!" She knows she's not supposed to touch the computer.

The newest game in our house consists of Millie, her diaper, and me. I'll lay her on the floor so I can change her diaper, and as soon as her bottom has been cleaned and I let go of her feet, she's flipped over and crawling away from me. That little critter is fast! I have to coax her back to me or just plain chase her so I can wrap her naked bum back up before she pees on the floor. We play this game several times a day.

Millie is the first of our children to have a reaction to an immunization. She got her 12 month shots, which included her MMR, and 10 days later the measles rash appeared. Ever had a baby with the measles? Probably not, there's a shot for it so you don't get it! Oh, it was miserable. Millie was miserable, so I was miserable. Still haven't quite gotten over that one yet. (Here's a hint: Never get the measles!)

Her shirt says, "I'm the little sister." Cute, huh?

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Mrs. Bennett said...

She is beyond cute! I love that little chair too.