Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visions of Sugar Plums

Yesterday the kids were out playing in the backyard. Now, you have to understand what it's like where we live. We live in Arizona. In the desert. In a portion of the Valley that, 10 years ago, was uninhabited except for the coyotes, vermin, and scorpions. Our backyard is a big dirt pit. We have no grass, no weeds, it's just a bunch of dirt.

So, the kids were out there digging in the dirt. They had dug a pretty big hole and when I called them to come inside, they argued that they couldn't stop because they had just discovered a dinosaur bone. I told them to leave it and come inside. I was actually quite worried about it, because what if it was a mouse skeleton or something gross like that? I mean, that would be gross! I told them they couldn't dig any more until Josh went outside with them.

The girls, however, were absolutely convinced that they had a great discovery in the backyard. They just knew that this dinosaur bone was going to make them $$RICH$$! So they began talking about the amazing things they could buy with their million$ of dollar$. They could live in Hawaii! They could buy a car with a massager for your butt, back, and armpits (Abby's contribution to the conversation). And the thing they both went ga-ga for.........

Fancy bowls with straws to drink the milk!

Oh, how they wanted those fancy bowls. Then they could just suck up the milk when they eat cereal in the mornings. That dinosaur bone outside was going to give them everything they ever wanted.

Unfortunately, when Josh went out with them later, they discovered that the dinosaur bone was actually a really hard dirt clot.

Fortunately, when we went grocery shopping later that day, we just happened to find the really fancy bowls with straws! We splurged and spent the $.98/bowl and the kids felt like they had just won the lottery.


Crisanne said...

Don't you love it when you can spend a whole $3 and your kids think you are the best parent ever?!! I promised my boys we would go to Wendy's for chicken nuggets today (after they go to the dentist). I'm going to be the best mom in the world... for that 30 minutes at least!

Lori said...

It definitely is nice when you don't have to spend a fortune to please your kids! Those bowls really are the coolest things ever though! My boys would be Soooooo jealous!

TMI Tara said...

LOL. This totally cracks me up!

Celine said...

LOL! Awesome! Your kids are great Shelly!