Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Old Photos

Look at this ADORABLE picture of the girls that I found. I was looking for some pictures of my friend's younger brother (he posted on Facebook that he wanted some pictures of him that anyone had) and I saw this. It's just the cutest picture ever. Look at Abby. She just cracks me up.

I also found some pictures of Josh on his mission. Here's my question: what is the obession missionaries have of catching each other naked or on the toilet? Not that I found any of those kinds of pictures.... Ah, crap.


RNLambile said...

Really? Really? You had to throw that out there for the world? I don't know that I will follow your obscene blog any longer.

colds1 said...

I have noticed that there are an abundance of those kinds of pictures in missionary land. Thankfully, my own husband was too mature and respectful for anything like that! ;)