Friday, February 19, 2010

The Walking Adventures of Millie Marie

Millie began walking yesterday. I can't believe it. It took her long enough to realize that she pretty much was already doing it, she just needed to let go of the couch or coffee table or my fingers. Silly girl.

As I've been watching her, she just makes me laugh. First of all, she's finally doing it! I'm so proud of her! At first she just did it when Josh or I coerced her to do it, but today she's been doing it on her own accord. It's so wonderful.

She also makes me laugh, though, because she's still getting used to bending her knees and all of the mechanics involved with the act of walking. So, she's a bit stilted. She kind of reminds me of the Frankenstein Phil Hartman used to portray on SNL. He was the stiff-jointed, awkward Frankie we all recognize with the added glory of the line: Fire BAD!!!! Oh, hilarious. Believe me, there'd be a clip here for me to show you if I could find one.

But, you'll just have to see Millie instead. Don't mind the end of the video, Matt had just thrown a bunch of toys in front of me that she tripped over once she got close enough. Still, it's a great thing to watch.


Lori said...

SOOO cute!!! Good job Millie!

Tara Dawn said...

I hope this means that Ashton will walk in the next week. He seems to let Millie do her thing, then he follows behind.

Congrats to the walking girl!!