Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Dip in the Pool

I figured I needed to get the kids something to do on these long, hot summer days. So, we got a pool. It's not the nice $15,000 underground pool that we wanted, but it works.

So, our set up is somewhat unique. Our backyard is nothing but sand. So, I took a HUGE tarp we have and put the pool on it. Then I used a second tarp to connect it to the patio. That way we had no muddy footprints. Aren't I smart?

If you notice Ashton, he's obeying the rules and staying on the tarp. What a good boy.

Emma decided to try some snorkeling.

Ashton's hair took after his Grandpa Eagar. I thought it was pretty cute.

Millie didn't care for the pool. She was more interested in running around in her cute swimsuit. Watch your strap, there, Missy.


Jabon said...

Finally get to see the pool that I keep hearing about from Cody and Brett. Ashton's hair does look like my Dad's!!! Too funny

Lori said...

I bet the kids love it! And Millie. Well, she just goes with the drum of her own heart