Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Bloggest Loser -- Final Weigh In

Okay, all. Here it is. Nearly the finale.

Carina took the prize two weeks ago with her 2% weight loss. Great job, Carina!!

So, for the last time (for this competition, at least) find your percentage. Remember to use your beginning weight to see how much you've lost throughout the competition. Be sure to post it as soon as you can and we'll post our Bloggest Loser finale results by Wednesday. Why Wednesday? I don't know. Maybe it's because I like to spell the word "Wednesday". You have to spell it phonetically... Wed-nes-day.

I think it's past my bedtime.

And thanks for playing with me!!


colds1 said...

Since my numbers don't count, I'll throw some at you ... I'm down 6.7% since you started this competition. I wish that meant I was anywhere near my goal weight, but all it means is that I have another beautiful baby boy!

My weight loss journey is actually just now kicking into gear and it is going to be slow and tedious. I don't generally lose while I'm nursing, so I want to find a way around that. I have a history of losing 1 to 1 1/2 pounds a week, max. That does not make for Biggest Loser like numbers and that can get tiring.

So, while I can't win this game, I will say that it has been fun hearing about others' weight losses. I love to hear success stories from real people doing real things - like mothering! It gives me a boost and reminds me that I CAN do this. I don't have to be the fat momma forever! Thanks!

Carina said...

Since I joined this challenge I had a 7.27% weight loss. Woo-hoo! I am glad that we are posting this way this week. I did great two weeks ago and then went on a trip to St. Louis. 4 days sitting in a car wanting to eat all the wrong things. I gained instead of lost, so I didn't reach my Bday goal and I didn't get the 9% weight loss I was planning on posting here. Even though I really might have if I had weighed in before the trip. Oh well, I have new goals to reach so I can't sit here and have a pity party eating junk food. Even though it sounds really good. ;) Thanks Shelly! I looked forward to this every week. Maybe because I love what you write.

Carina said...

Cindy they say it is healthy to lose 1 to 2 pounds in a week. You keep it off better when it is a gradual process. So that is good. Most of the time that is what I lost anyway. I only had a few weeks with big numbers. It feels like it will take such a long time, but when you look at how much less you can weigh in 6 months at that rate then that is pretty exciting!!! On the real Biggest Loser many people gain it back because they haven't changed in their own environment and because it was such a quick loss. So keep it up and we all might be making people say DANG! at our next reunion.

Merinda Reeder said...

Good job, you winners. The last month has been really hard for my weight-loss [which was never spectacular] I've started gaining on my losings already.
I'm into the first trimester of a new project now - and tomorrow will see the first official weight-gain weigh-in.
I was hoping to start this with a lower weight; but I'm glad to have played.
Thanks, Biggest Loser competition. You kept me in some control during temptations.
Thanks Shelly for hosting, and thanks, friends, for playing.