Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Biggest Loser Invitation

During tonight's Biggest Loser, Bob said that offices all over the country are doing their own Biggest Loser competitions. Got me thinking.....

I need to restart my final 20-lb weight loss.


I need some fuel for my fire.

Does anyone want to play "Biggest Loser" with me? I sound like a little kid trying to rally friends to play Red Rover or something. ("Come play at my house!!!") But I need my competitive streak to pull me through this stagnation I keep wallowing in.

The goal would be for us to track our calories (a minimum of 1200/day) and do some sort of daily exercise (aerobic and strength training combination). Then, each week we'll post our percentages lost.

So, here's the deal:

1. We start Sunday, so get yourself prepared.

2. Please let me know if you're interested so I don't feel like no one's playing with me (I hate being the loner kid on the playground). If you really aren't into it, that's cool. You can tell me that too.

3. We need to figure out what the Biggest Loser gets. The winner needs something. Right?

4. How long should we compete? Three months? More?

5. Take a before picture and at the end we'll do after pics. (You won't have to show them, but it will help us track our progress.)

Wanna do this??? Please???


RNLambile said...

Okay, I'm in. I will tell you now that I expect to win a car somewhere along the way and $250,000 at the end. ;) Ok I'll settle for a new home and a truck.

Seriously, I think it should run 16weeks.

GO GO GO!!!!

Celine said...

I'd love that do that too but I'm lacking motivation to exercize! LOL

colds1 said...

Can't help you there, friend! I'll probably be packing on another pound a week for a couple more weeks before I get to shake some off!

Lucky Larson's said...

I have about 15 so I am in!! Maybe this will kick my butt in gear!

I have no ideas on time length or anything like that---I will leave that up to you!!

Do you have to take before/after pictures---and post them :0

You make up the rules and I will play!

Merinda Reeder said...

I'm not going to count calories. I'm just not enough motivated; but I'll cheer you on from the wimpy lazy sidelines. You rock. You can do it. I'll be the slightly lumpy cheerleader.

Lori said...

I have no idea how to do the counting calories stuff, but I will do the exercising with you!!! Maybe if I say that, I'll actually do it. You gotta tell me the rules. Like what days we work out and stuff. (Hopefully my stinkin side will be cooperative.)

Tara Dawn said...

I can't decide if I am in or not. I wanna lose the rest of my weight, about 16 lbs would be ideal. Too bad we can't compete for housework or something along those lines! I have no idea what the prize should be, besides a killer new bod. As for length, I am not sure. Can I commit to anything longer than 1 week? That's kinds tough for me. Seriously, though, it needs to be no less than 6 weeks.

Ok. I am in. I may not track calories very well, but I will give it my best!