Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#10 I'm Thankful For.....

You may remember how I was slightly upset over a fender bender Josh was involved in, by no fault of his own.  The gentleman tried to file a claim against our insurance.  But to no avail.

His insurance recognized the dent in the side of our car was not caused by two vehicles colliding, but by the bumper of another vehicle backing into our door.  Thank goodness. 

Next Monday morning our car will be taken to a local body shop where the work will begin to fix the door, replace the broken handle, and whatever other damage was included in this mess.  After Josh drops the car off, a rental car will be brought for him to drive home so he has a replacement vehicle while ours is in the shop. 

I'm so thankful we will have our car fixed, Josh will have a rental to hold him over, and we don't have to pay our $500 deductible for something that wasn't our fault.  Also, I'm thankful the truth was obvious and the insurance company willingly took liability for their customer's mistake. 

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Carina said...

That is wonderful! Thank heavens they were honest. I wonder what happens to his policy now that they realize HE wasn't being honest. Maybe the car will get the hint it almost bit the dust and shape up for you. Here's hoping.